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Type of Aid: This program offers grants to homeowners and landlords for improving the accessibility of people’s homes and rental units.
Amount: Three types of funding available:

  • Accessibility Grant: This stream will fund homeowners to retrofit their homes if they have mobility challenges. Up to $30,000.
  • Emergency Repair Grant: This stream will fund homeowners to fix serious, unexpected and dangerous situations requiring immediate repairs. Up to $10,000.
  • Home Repair Loan: This stream provides a loan for homeowners who need to upgrade or repair their home. Up to $70,000. Loans amortize up to 15 years in five year terms.

Eligibility Requirements: You are a Yukon resident. Your home needs repairs or upgrades to improve energy efficiency, overcrowding, accessibility or health and safety. Your household income is less than $103,070 per year. You own your own home.
Contact: Yukon Housing Corporation Tel: 867-667-5759

Email: [email protected]

Type of Aid: Loan (not available in Whitehorse)
Amount: Case-by-case basis


  • You are a building or purchasing a new home for your primary residence in a Yukon community outside Whitehorse.
  • You fall within our established debt-to-loan ratios.
  • You cannot get a loan from a bank.
  • You will need a 2.5% down payment.
  • If you build your own home, you must show that you have required skills and experience to complete the project.

Loan details:

  • Amortize up to 30 years in 5 year terms.
  • Interest only payments during construction.
  • Interest rate at or below 1% the average posted rates. This is the posted 5 year average interest rate at major banks.
  • You must prove you are bank ineligible every five years after year 10.


Contact: Yukon Housing Corporation Tel: 867-667-5759


Type of Aid: The families of children with disabilities often face extremely high costs, not covered by other medical plans. Patient Care Grants cover some of the costs for therapeutic equipment and prosthetics as well as transportation and accommodation to Easter Seals House. Each year, the Patient Care Grants Program provides financial assistance to many families of children with special needs in BC, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories.
Amount: Varies
Eligibility: Available to families of children with disabilities in BC, Northwest Territories and the Yukon.
Contact: Tel: 604-736-3475
Toll Free: 1-800-818-3666

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