First Nations Health Focus

Many factors can influence a person’s health, whether it be passed down genetically, your physical location, age, gender, or race we all have specific health risks. Today we focus on First Nations peoples and which specific health risks they may face and how to prevent and treat these conditions. First Nations Health Focus Resources for […]

Grab Bars: Choosing Safety in the Bathroom

When was the last time you reached for your towel rack for support in the bathroom? If we slip or get off-balance, we reach out to steady ourselves. Many people grab their towel rack when stepping in and out of the bathtub. What if it didn’t support you? Every year it is estimated that 1 […]

World Stroke Day

Today is World Stroke Day and Aquassure Accessible Baths would like to help spread awareness for this debilitating condition that can strike at any time. It is a medical emergency that can happen to anyone, regardless of age or health. You can help protect yourself and others by understanding what stroke is, what its signs […]

Now You Can Have a Stylish AND Safe Bathroom with Our Accessories

Whether you’re picking out the valve for your shower or choosing the powder coat on your new grab bar, choosing your bathroom accessories can be like finding the right piece to a puzzle. Sometimes you didn’t even know it was missing until you put it in place, and the the whole picture comes to life! […]

The Hidden Danger of Walk-in Tubs and Children.

Walk-in bathtubs have a footwell with deep water. Often the depth of the water can be the equivalent of having a hot-tub or swimming pool in your home, with the added danger that it is difficult to reach someone in the footwell from outside the bathtub.

Caregiver Resources

Caregiving is difficult and time-consuming, as well as emotionally and financially draining. Caregivers perform a range of tasks in caring for their family member or friend, with providing transportation being the most commonly reported (73%). Other tasks included housework (51%), house maintenance and outdoor work (45%), scheduling and coordinating appointments (31%), managing finances (27%), helping […]