Veterans Independence Program- Home Adaptions Funding – an Overview.

Are you a Veteran or a Veteran Survivor in need of Home Adaptions for Accessibility?

Did you know that as a Canadian Veteran, you may qualify for Home Adaptions under the Veterans Independence Program (VIP)?

The Veterans Independence Program covers actual home renovations, unlike the Aids for Daily Living Program which covers removable equipment.

The Veterans Independence Program (VIP) is designed to help Veterans and their surviving spouses/caregivers the support they need to remain independent and self-sufficient.  Depending on the Veteran’s health needs, they may qualify for financial assistance for services such as housekeeping, homecare, snowshovelling, personal care, and support services. VIP program recipients may also qualify for access to nutrition, transportation services and home adaptions. This program is meant to complement, not replace, other existing federal, provincial and municipal programs, as well as private insurance plans.

Applicants to the VIP program must meet at least one of these criteria to qualify:

  • Qualified for a disability benefit;
  • Qualified for the War Veterans Allowance;
  • In receipt of Prisoner of War Compensation;
  • Veteran who is eligible for, but is unable to access, a Contract Bed (also known as a Priority Access Bed);
  • Primary caregiver for an eligible Veteran or civilian;
  • A low-income or disabled survivor of an eligible Veteran or civilian

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The VIP Home Adaptions funding is for making changes to the home to allow the veteran or qualified spouse to carry out everyday activities (does not include general renovations or repairs)

barrier-free shower

This Barrier-free Shower was funded by the Veterans Independence Program (VIP). This shower was installed by Aquassure in Peachland, BC

The VIP Home Adaptions will cover up to $5977.14 per principal residence. The Home Adaptions must be necessary in order for the veteran or eligible spouse to remain independent at home. The need for the adaptions must be for health reasons to permit access to essential facilities for the basic activities of daily living, such as sanitation, cleanliness, food preparation and sleep. Barrier-free showers and raised toilets qualify for this type of adaption.

The District Heath Care Team (DHCT) will determine the needs of the client and the appropriate interventions. Generally the DHCT includes an Occupational Therapist (OT).

All home adaptions must be pre-authorized and proof of work completion for payment.

This the rate schedule for all VIP benefits:

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