Installation of Aquassure’s full line of products is easy. All products come with install instructions and some even have install videos available for online viewing.
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Aquassure does not employ installers, rather we give you installation choices.

  • We can recommend a local installer in most markets. In the Okanagan and Lower Mainland, we have several experienced installers available.
  • You can install the products yourself, and we will provide full technical support.
  • You can hire your own installer. Generally the best installers are handyman, contractors, or renovators. If it is an ADL Spa or Walk in Tub, most of the work is in the finishing, not the plumbing. We would be happy to go over the installation steps with your prospective contractor prior to your purchase.
  • Some of our authorized dealers have their own in-house installers.
  • In some areas not yet served by a recommended installer, an installer may be available to travel to you to do the installation.

Every Aquassure product comes with a detailed instruction manual. We also offer technical support for installers – just call 1-866-404-8827 to be connected with a support person. We also give our customers after-hours cell phone support for installations.

Your new tub or shower will be delivered crated and fully protected to your home, your installer’s location, or to our warehouse if you’re a local customer. If you live in an apartment or do not have an easily accessible driveway or garage to store the tub/shower in until you can unpack it, we recommend that you have your tub or shower delivered to your installer. Our delivery vehicles only provide curbside delivery and someone must be home to sign for and inspect the product for shipping damage.

Once uncrated, most of the products can be hand-carried into the house. While the ADL Spa is made to fit through almost any doorway, other walk-in tub products may or may not fit through your door depending on the size of the doorways. Multi-piece showers (unless you have purchased a one-piece unit) are easy to carry in through any doorway. Your installer will be able to best assess the situation and decide the best route of entry and the best products for the job.

Jetted Tubs

If you have chosen a jetted tub option, you must have an electrician put in GFI plugs in to meet your local electrical code requirements.


You may need a permit and a licensed plumber to inspect / install you tub or shower. Most showers or tub installs do not need a permit unless you move walls, or are moving the plumbing connections or drain. If you are just changing the fixtures, most communities do not require a permit. Check with the bylaws in your community.

ADL Spa Special Information

All fixtures are pre-installed for easy installation. The base comes partially assembled and will need minor assembly to add the provided hardware (brackets). Your plumber may do this for you or you may have a carpenter do the removal of your existing unit and the assembly of the base. If you are replacing an existing bathtub with an Aquassure tub, the cabinet allows you to use your existing drain and waterlines without having to change their locations. The cabinet simply slides into a standard 5 foot (60 inch) bathtub space, covering the original location, and has pre-cut clearances for your plumbing. The Aquassure tub fits on top and attaches to your plumbing with flexible braided stainless steel hoses. A 3/4 inch adapter may need to be attached to the original waterlines, but these are easily available at most hardware stores. The simple assembly and standard 5 foot size, saves time and money for installation!

The ADL Spa is in compliance with these codes and standards: CSA B45.5-11./IAPMO Z124-2011-Plastic Showers and bathtubs, ASME A112.19.15-2012/CSA B45-2002-Whirlpool bathtubs with pressure-sealed doors, UPC Codes, National Plumbing Code of Canada and International Plumbing Code.


Our showers come in a wide variety of size and drain options to provide the best match possible for your bathroom. Your existing drain location (center, left, or right) and bathroom measurements will allow you to pick the best shower for installation. Measure the space to the studs, make note of the drain location and if the drain can be moved easily or if it is difficult to move (such as on concrete). Renovations will need a multi-piece unit to get it into the bathroom. Then consider your front threshold. Based on the size, drain location, and preferred threshold, the choice of showers available will be streamlined. Consider how the threshold will work with existing flooring. Call Aquassure at 1-866-404-8827 to help find the best shower unit for your needs.

Showers are screwed directly onto the studs. There is no need for mud-set, or water barriers or hardy-board.

In addition to complete shower systems, we have shower pans available in a wide variety of sizes and drain locations. These can be installed with traditional wall tiling to complement the pan and your bathroom’s design.

Seeking installers:

Aquassure is currently seeking installers across North America. If you are an installer, builder, or plumber, please contact Matthew Longman at [email protected] or call him at 1-866-404-8827.


Installation manuals are available for all of our products, and can be downloaded below.

PDF document ADL Spa Installation Manual

Installation/Repair Videos

Installation Videos


Our products are manufactured to strict standards and are designed to last for years of heavy use. To keep your bathing unit beautiful, we recommend the following steps for regular cleaning and maintenance.

After installation:
DO NOT use abrasive cleansers as they may scratch or dull the finish.
DO NOT use metal tools on your product to avoid scratching.

Paint can be removed by gently wiping with a soft towel and lacquer thinner.
Joint compound can be removed with a plastic ice scraper or wood paint stir stick.
Adhesive remover or penetrating lubricant can be used remove sticky or stubborn residue from labels or tape. Apply remover, let sit for a few minutes or as directed and then wipe away.

Cleaning and Maintenance:
To clean, use a liquid detergent, warm water and a soft clean cloth towel. Any non-abrasive bathroom cleaner may be used.

Regularly cleaning the walls with an automotive cleaner wax, or a specially formulated product for gelcoat fiberglass will create a shiny, easy to clean finish and keep your shower looking new.

DO NOT apply cleaner wax to shower pan as this could cause a slippery surface.