Purchase steps

Steps to purchase an Aquassure bathtub or shower:

  1. Review our website, and contact us for more information by phone, mail or email. An Aquassure customer service specialist will be happy to answer your questions by phone or chat and send you a price quote and information by email and/or mail.
  2. Decide on which type of bathing system will work best for you: Shower, Walk-in Tub or Slide-in Bath. Consult our accessible bathing experts at 1-866-404-8827 to help guide your through the available choices.
  3. Either your installer or yourself will need to measure you bathroom and doorways, to make sure the unit you are considering will fit in your space. Roughly sketch out your bathroom layout, including drain locations and fax or email the sketch to Aquassure at 1-866-224-5029 or [email protected]. This will help us to spot any potential problems and help us to make the best recommendations.
  4. If you are considering the purchase of a walk-in tub or ADL Spa tub, you will need to decide on a left or right hand door opening. View our left vs right hand door handout  If you are considering the purchase of a shower, you will need to specify the drain location.
  5. Some of our distributors provide installation or you can use a contractor, plumber or builder that you are comfortable with to install your new bathtub or shower. Get an installation quote (or 3) from a qualified installer(s) in writing.
  6. Finalize the configuration you would prefer, we will give you an updated written quote.
  7. If you are getting your tub or shower funded by a grant or government agency, then this quote becomes part of your application package. You need to submit the paperwork to the funding source and wait for approval. Once you have approval in writing, we can order your tub or shower. Depending on the funding source, we may require you to pay a deposit or the whole amount and then be reimbursed by the funding agency, or we may direct bill the funding agency.
  8. You can then order your Aquassure bathtub or shower either through your local dealer or with Aquassure directly. Generally we require a 50% deposit with the order, and the remainder due before shipping. Payment may be by debit, credit card or cash in person, or by credit card, e-transfer or wire transfer. Lead times vary from 1 week to 5 weeks depending on the product and options ordered. Shipping is from Boise, ID, so can vary from 3 days to 2 weeks.
  9. We will call you when your product is ready to ship from the factory and arrange final payment. Then we will contact you the day after it ships with a tracking number.