Large Walk-in Bathtub

These tubs are roomier with a wider seat and doorway and are suitable for those wanting more hip-space or for above average / bariatric size bathers. The width of some models may be wider than some standard tub pockets and doorways.

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  • Sale! 2 bathers enjoying a footbath in a Big4two tub

    Ella Big4Two Jetted Walk In Tub w Hi-flow Fixtures

    $13,159.00 $8,938.00
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  • Sale!

    Ella Transfer60 Tall Walk In Tub 32″ x 60″

    $8,828.00 $6,049.00
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  • Sale! Transfer XXXL door open

    Ella TransferXXXL Walk In Tub 36″ x 55″

    $9,191.00 $6,291.00
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  • Sale! Tub4Two Door open 2

    Ella Tub4Two Walk In Tub w Hi-flow Fixture Set

    $8,466.00 $5,807.00
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