Thinking Outside the Chair in a Box – Why Aquassure Baths Stand Out.

The Aquassure bath design was  conceived in my practice as a therapist, specializing in care for seniors and disability rehabilitation. At the time, walk-in baths were not being marketing for home use in North America. My design inspiration was based on accommodating people’s mobility challenges, not forcing people to compromise. Over five years of research on people’s movement and abilities using walkers and wheelchairs was applied to the design of the Aquassure bathtubs.
Naturally over time, we all experience wear on our joints due to age, sports, injury and disease. I brought together a team of experts to help refine a bath design that anyone could use, regardless of their mobility or handicap – a true universal design. Our team included engineers, therapists, geriatrics specialists, ergonomists, health care researchers, people in wheelchairs, manufacturers, and plumbing contractors, from a wide range of backgrounds including private firms and two universities.

After much testing and refining of the design, the Aquassure bathtub was brought to market in 2007. All the features on Aquassure’s bath systems are designed for safety and ease of use. People are able to experience the comfort and therapeutic benefits of a full-size, deep-soak spa bath whether they can walk, use a wheeelchair or need lift assistance. The self-sealing sliding door doesn’t get in the bather’s and latches automatically. The ADA water-controls are within easy reach and the raised tub design means the bather is always supported and can’t fall in the bath.

For many seniors and people with disabilities, bathing safety and hydrotherapy can mean the difference between independence and moving into a care institution. Walk-in baths can be a temporary fix, but don’t allow for home bathing if the bather’s mobility declines and they need a wheelchair later. And those without mobility challenges do not want to use a walk-in bathtub, but Aquassure’s universal design bathtub appeals to young families by allowing them to easily bathe their children without bending and back strain. Aquassure baths are a better bathing experience for all – by design.

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