Aquassure Accessible Baths: Added Value to your Home Resale

Thinking about installing an accessible bathing solution, but worried about the resale value of your home? If you have multiple bathrooms, make sure that you have at least one with a bathtub.

For single-bath homes, then the first consideration should be the safety and comfort of the current occupants of the home. Compared to the cost of moving to a care home or the personal cost of a life-changing fall, resale value ranks far below these other considerations.

Adding an accessible bath is a selling feature for today’s growing senior’s demographic, especially in senior’s oriented complexes.

Consider an Aquassure slide-in bathtub, its elevated design gives the best of both worlds – an accessible bathing solution for seniors and handicapped persons and a solution for families with young children. Ask any mother how their back feels after bathing their kids in a regular bath. Aquassure’s elevated design is ideal for bathing young children without back strain. Universal design for all. And easily marketed on the resale market to both young families and to seniors.

Its all in how you market it…Aquassure slide-in bathtubs, perfect for seniors, disabled people, and families with young children!

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