New Affordable High Flow Fixtures from Huntington Brass

We are now offering all of our tubs with a new ¾” high flow valve for faster fill times. This valve is manufactured by Huntington Brass which used to be in Huntington Beach, CA but now headquartered in Cypress, CA. This valve in Chrome has a list price of $942.50 CD which is $52 less than our Moen valve but offers faster fill times and a lever handle diverter instead of the pull rod on the Moen which makes it easier to divert the water from the tub spout to the hand shower for those with arthritis. When you combine this valve with our newly redesigned Escape Plus which comes standard with a 2″ drain you can offer your customers one of the fastest filling and fastest draining tubs on the market!

At 15 gallons per minute – the Escape Plus walk in bathtub will fill in 6 minutes.

huntington brass fixtures

Available for the Escape, Escape Plus and Big E walk-in bathtubs. Not available for the Liberty bathtub.



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