CEO Matthew Longman now a CAPS graduate!

In continued dedication to our customers, CEO Matthew Longman recently spent time in Boise, Idaho to obtain CAPS certification, an education that helps improve his understanding of how to transition a home into a safer and more accessible place for people of all abilities. CAPS stand for Certified Aging in Place Specialist, a designation that requires graduates to meet a rigorous code of ethics and educational demands. Designed by the National Association of Home Builders, in partnership with the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) and Home Innovation Research Labs, the program matches Matthew’s personal beliefs on living independently in one’s own home as long as possible.

Aging in Place is the ability to independently live in one’s home regardless of age or ability. Aging in itself is a tricky subject, one that people tend to avoid. Accepting aging usually means accepting natural and sometimes frustrating changes in your body that may feel embarrassing, and keep you from wanting to make changes to your home. Matthew understands this delicate process, and can offer a friendly and warm hand in guiding you through making those changes. Aging in Place is the new standard for the senior community.

A CAPS can be trusted to make sound recommendations on renovation projects to improve the safety of your home. It may be little things, like the placement of lights or better securing carpets, or big things, like advising the successful installation of accessibility products like a walk-in tub. When you trust in a CAPS certified individual, you can trust that they are there working for your health.

Matthew has long been dedicated to the health of others. He has worked for twenty years as an RMT, improving the physical and in turn emotional health of those he works with. He has seen firsthand the trials that people face as their bodies change, and because of this, the ADL Spa and Aquassure were born. Today he is now a CAPS graduate, and with his new knowledge will better improve the lives of every client that Aquassure touches. Come into the showroom to see Aquassure’s floor models of available products, and take advantage of Matthew’s knowledge and expertise.


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