The ghosts of Aquassure Accessible Baths!

shariandemmaThis Halloween all the spooks and spirits are haunting Kelowna, and we have two little ghouls traipsing around our office! Emma (our bumblebee) and Miro (our green little frog) are the two cats that haunt our halls. They quality check the tubs, put their paw of approval on our paperwork, and generally boost morale for the entire staff. miro2

Emma was adopted from the Penticton SPCA Christmas Eve 2012. Santa’s little gift adapted to her new office and has been an ambassador in human-mouse relations ever since, politely shooing them to a new location. Miro came along this summer from a troupe of itty bitty kittens Shari and Matthew fostered and bottle fed. The office was enamoured with their squeaks and tiny meows, and everyone had a lucky and much cherished hand in giving each kitten the nourishment it deserved while they vacationed here during the day. When it was time for the bunch to be adopted out to new homes, Miro was choice number one, and went to live with Shari and Matthew. He commutes between home and office. A real cat on the town!

Today, Miro and Emma shared a spooky photo shoot, showing off their costumes and wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!

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