Ozone Disinfection

O3 Ozone SystemAquassure is pleased to offer a chemical-free, ozone system that sanitizes the equipment without exposing the bather to irritating chemical residues or ozone. The O3 System will sanitize the bathtub system after each and every use.

The O3 System minimizes the risk of cross-contamination infections.

ozone system keypadAfter a bath cycle, the O3 System automatically activates a one hour delay timer for the sanitizing process. The system will start the cleaning process for a period of 15 minutes to sanitize the jet systems. There is a manual override if you wish to use the tub while the disinfection system is running. Ozone will eliminate all known disease-causing microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, yeasts, mould, mildew and cysts. It breaks down harmful chemical residue and dissolves minerals.

You will not need expensive and potentially harmful cleaning products for this disinfection system.

The system is not only safe for the environment, but is also gentle on bathtub components.

Graphic Showing how the Ozone system works.

graphic showing how ozone works

how ozone works against bacteria and viruses

graphic showing what ozone is

chemical structure of ozone