ADL Slide-in Baths

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Experience the health and circulation benefits of a deep-soaker spa bath

Aquassure ADL Spa Baths are accessible and elevated to provide a therapeutic spa experience for people of all abilities, including wheelchair users. If you can’t walk, you can’t use a walk-in tub (chair-in-a-box), but you can use ours!

Aquassure ADL Slide-In Baths Vs Door Cut & Walk In Tubs


Download ADL Spa Brochure (PDF)Experience the pleasure and hydrotherapy benefits of soaking in the bath again. Stay independent in your own home for less than the cost of three months in a care facility.
Don’t wait until an accident happens  – take action today to reduce the risk of life-changing falls! Play information video – see our bathtubs in use

Reduces risk of falling!

Aquassure bathtubs are unique. Our patented sliding door and raised bathtub design offers universal access for people of all levels of mobility. Access from wheelchairs, walkers and lifts in a full-sized bathtub that is easily retrofittable into existing residential bathtub spaces! Handicapped bathing has never been so luxurious!

You are always fully supported and cannot fall in an Aquassure ADL Spa Bath. The elevated bottom eliminates having to stand, and the need for a seat. You can simply slide back in from a seated position.

woman and man in wheelchair entering the Aquassure slidein tub