May 19th – A Dual Identity Day

In much of Canada May 19th (Victoria Day) is a celebration of the anniversary of the monarchs of Canada, named for Queen Victoria. In Victoria, British Columbia, this particular holiday is more than just your average ‘stat day’, with parades, fireworks, and celebrations making up great festivity for the Canadian city that was named after the Queen herself.

Quebec also celebrates with a statutory holiday on May 19th, but instead of Victoria Day, French Canadians celebrate National Patriots’ Day, a day dedicated to the struggles the patriots endured from 1837 to 1838, fighting for freedom from British rule and a democratic government.

Both of these holidays commemorate Canada’s rich history and inspire a look into the past. For many people today this also marks the first ‘official’ day that it is safe from frost to truly plant your garden.

This weekend Aquassure Accessible Baths will be closed, observing the holiday on the 19th and reopen on Tuesday the 20th for regular business hours. We encourage you to enjoy the time with your family, get in the outdoors, and maybe take a moment to explore Canada’s rich and unique history.

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