Let’s Talk About the Sun

This year marks the Canadian Cancer Society’s 75th anniversary, celebrating 75 years of educating Canadians on cancer, and supporting research in the fight for a cure. They give endless support for the community at large by providing constant up-to-date and accurate information, creating venues for conversation, opening camps for children and teens, and providing access to wigs and prosthesis, among their many efforts to help. Awareness has always been at the forefront of their focus, and this week, June 3-9, the Canadian Cancer Society wants to bring to light the risks of the sun during National Sun Awareness Week, an educational week on the subject of sun and the prevention of skin cancer.

Today changes in our environment means the sun’s rays are far harsher than they used to be, causing stronger UV rays to hit us on a regular basis. While some rays penetrate and age skin, other rays can do far greater damage, the most commonly noticeable being painful burnt skin. The stronger the UV light the worse the damage can become, and when skin is repeatedly subjected to harsh UV light, the health of the skin decreases. Skin cancer can be caused by exposure to ultraviolet light, and is one of the Canadian Cancer Society’s bigger concerns, especially when tanned skin is a fad that can lead to dangerous lack of care and repeated overexposure to UV light. Tanning salons are among the more common risks that people often unknowingly take in the name of beauty. It is the Canadian Cancer Society’s goal to raise awareness about the dangers of tanning, and encourage limitations on the age of tanning salon users.

Aquassure wants to support the Canadian Cancer Society by reminding you to play smart in the sun this summer as our beautiful Okanagan temperatures soar! Use these tips to brighten your summer and enjoy the sun in a safe way:

Tip 1: Check the UV rating. Every day the weather report will tell you what the UV Index Rating is set to be for that day. 0-2 is Low, 3-5 is Moderate, 6-7 is High, 8-10 is Very High, and 11+ is Extreme! The higher the UV rating the more you should be covering up, keeping in the shade, and staying out of the sun during peak hours.

Tip 2: Protect yourself! Invest in a quality sunscreen and be generous about it, putting it wherever your skin could meet sunlight. Ladies and gentleman that invest in a skincare routine will be pleased to know that more than likely, your favourite moisturizer brand will have an SPF inclusive line. Wear a hat with an appropriate brim to shade your face, and dress in loose, airy, comfortable clothing to protect and stay cool.

Tip 3: Enjoy the sun, through shade. Plan your future beach days and picnics to include a lightweight large umbrella, or canopy, to create your own shade where it might otherwise be already occupied. Remember that personal umbrellas aren’t just for rainy days; they can be beneficial (and mobile) sources of UV protection on a hot sunny day.

This summer is going to be another beautiful one, with plenty of opportunities and tempting reasons to be out in the sun. Enjoy your summer safely by accessing the situation, preparing accordingly, and acting responsibility, for your skin’s sake.



Canadian Cancer Society

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