Choosing a Walk-in Tub, Part 3: Installation

Click here for Part 1: Product Choices  —– Click here for Part 2: Bather Considerations Installation: Once you have decided that a walk-in tub is right for you, then it is time to evaluate which walk-in tub might fit and what features to consider.

Thermostatic vs. pressure balance valves

There are two main types of plumbing fixtures for both bathtubs and showers: thermostatic valves and pressure balance valves. Additionally, there is a modified thermostatic control called a temperature limiter. Thermostatic Controls The temperature is pre-set and the valve will return to the pre-set temperature again when the water is turned back on. The temperature […]

Shower Bay – Temporary Shower without Remodeling

Shower Bay portable showers from Forward Day are the newest product for Aquassure Accessible Baths, and we’re proud to add this unique unit to our collection. The Shower Bay offers a true shower experience without expensive home renovations or dangerous transfers in and out of regular tubs and showers. The unique design allows for quick […]

Choosing a walk-in bathtub – Part 2: Bather Considerations

This second part looks at who will be using the tub and makes recommendations based on the bather’s mobility and bather preferences and types of bathing systems available. Click here to go to Part 1: Accessible Product Choices Click here to go to Part 3: Installation Click here to go to Part 4: Features Is a walk-in […]

The Hidden Danger of Walk-in Tubs and Children.

Walk-in bathtubs have a footwell with deep water. Often the depth of the water can be the equivalent of having a hot-tub or swimming pool in your home, with the added danger that it is difficult to reach someone in the footwell from outside the bathtub.

Choosing a Walk-in or Accessible Bathtub – Part 1: Product Choices

Buying an Accessible Bathtub is a major decision. It involves a substantial amount of money, and the inconvenience of a bathroom renovation. It is important to fully research the options before you make a decision. There are four main areas to look at: product choices, the bather, installation and feature/benefit considerations. We will be exploring these four areas […]