Home Accessibility Tax Credits Available for 2019 in Canada.

Did you know that if you completed a home accessibility renovation in 2019, you may be eligible to claim your renovation on your FEDERAL taxes when you file your 2019 taxes? You can claim this amount, even if the renovation was refunded by a grant or other program. You can also usually claim the renovation […]

Here is a Quick Way to Keep Water in Your Barrier-free Shower!

A Water Stopper! aka Water Dam or Collapsible Water Barrier. Water stopper is a flexible rubber strip that adhere to a shower floor and blocks water from running out onto the floor. Ours can be used on our accessible roll-in shower thresholds or can be used on acrylic or tile thresholds.

Now You Can Have a Stylish AND Safe Bathroom with Our Accessories

Whether you’re picking out the valve for your shower or choosing the powder coat on your new grab bar, choosing your bathroom accessories can be like finding the right piece to a puzzle. Sometimes you didn’t even know it was missing until you put it in place, and the the whole picture comes to life! […]

New Affordable High Flow Fixtures from Huntington Brass

We are now offering all of our tubs with a new ¾” high flow valve for faster fill times. This valve is manufactured by Huntington Brass which used to be in Huntington Beach, CA but now headquartered in Cypress, CA. This valve in Chrome has a list price of $942.50 CD which is $52 less […]

Choosing a Walk-in Tub – Part 4: Features

Four part blog on Choosing a Walk-in Bathtub Part 1 Accessible product choices Part 2 Bather considerations Part 3 Installation considerations Part 4 Feature and Benefit considerations Fill and Drain Time. It can take a long long time to fill and drain your tub and when you are wet, you might quickly get cold waiting for […]

Options for your slide-in bathtub

The Aquassure Slide-in Bathtub has several options to choose from. Door opening Fixture choice Cabinet Base Finish Hydrotherapy Jets Shoulder and Seat Belt Extension Handle 3-wall Surround Custom options The Aquassure slide-in bath is available in a left or right opening door.         Fixture Choice. The Aquassure Slidein bathtub has 3 main […]

Choosing a Walk-in Tub, Part 3: Installation

Click here for Part 1: Product Choices  —– Click here for Part 2: Bather Considerations Installation: Once you have decided that a walk-in tub is right for you, then it is time to evaluate which walk-in tub might fit and what features to consider.

Thermostatic vs. pressure balance valves

There are two main types of plumbing fixtures for both bathtubs and showers: thermostatic valves and pressure balance valves. Additionally, there is a modified thermostatic control called a temperature limiter. Thermostatic Controls The temperature is pre-set and the valve will return to the pre-set temperature again when the water is turned back on. The temperature […]