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Aquassure’s universal design bathtubs are unlike a walk-in bath; you can stretch out your legs and relax in a full-size, deep-soaker tub, immersing your back and shoulders in warm soothing water.

They are accessible from wheelchairs, walkers and lifts. They are the same five-foot length as a standard bathtub for trouble-free installation.

Safe, accessible full-size baths designed for everyone. Elevated, so you are always supported and don’t have to climb up and down. It’s like getting in and out of bed.

Aquassure Baths were developed with collaboration between two universities and several health organizations. We are proud of our unique bathing systems.


The entire bathtub is raised to chair height, on a cabinet base, for easy entry and exit with a sliding door that doesn’t require any clearance.

Our patented sliding door won’t get in the way of your legs and feet, and you will not need extra clearance in front of the bath.

Bathe in comfort and safety with all controls in easy reach. A hand shower is available so you can easily wash your hair.

Sliding Door

Only Aquassure bathtubs come with our patented zero-clearance sliding door! The easy-glide sliding door is out of the way of legs, walkers, wheelchairs and lifts. The door latches automatically when you close it, and easily releases when you lift up the handle. Our unique seal design uses water pressure to increase seal integrity, preventing leaks and accidental openings. Plus, our door features a secondary backup drain in the door track – no spills on the floor and water can be run with the door open for cleaning and pre-heating!

Our door was tested over 20,000 cycles of opening and closing, then filled with water and it did not leak, exceeding international certification standards!


  • 2-4 minute fill time with 18 gallons per minute fill rate
  • 2? drain for enhanced one minute drain time


  •  Independent access from wheelchairs. Wheelchair users with upper body strength can do a seat-to-seat transfer or use a transfer board
  • Our tubs reduce bending and strain for caregivers. Bath systems can be installed in an enclosure or with open sides for increased caregiver access. Caregivers can easily reach the bather to help with hair washing or to access sensitive body parts.
  • For individuals requiring more assistance, the cabinet base provides clearance for a wheeled lift.
  • Some bathers have difficulty remaining in a seated position in the bathtub due to core weakness or paralysis. Aquassure has an optional 4-point shoulder support, as well as, a seat belt harness that the bather can use to secure themselves in place once in position for bathing.


  • Patented sliding door
  • The sliding door is well-suited for small bathrooms without sacrificing interior bathing width.
  • Sliding door doesn’t get in the way of legs, walkers or wheelchairs
  • Opens and closes by sliding securely on its track
  • The door latches automatically when closed – lift up the handle to release
  • No bulky levers, complicated locking mechanisms or drop pins to remember
  • The easy-glide door is simple and easy to open when the tub is empty – very little effort needed
  • Unique seal design uses water pressure to increase seal integrity, preventing leaks and accidental opening.
  • Door track has a secondary drain as a backup  – no spills on the floor and plumbing code compliance
  • Our door was tested with 20,000 cycles of opening and closing, then filled with water and did not leak!
  • Lifetime warranty on the door seal.


2014 cabinet

  • Every bathtub sits on top of a cabinet base
  • The cabinet raises the tub doorway to a 20-inch seat height, making entry easier from a wheelchair or walker
  • the pre-drilled frame is made of water-resistant laminated 5/8? wood, not particle board, so it will not swell or warp from moisture
  • The cabinet provides handy storage space for soaps, towels and other bathroom articles
  • Cabinet doors are spaced so that a wheeled lift may be used to assist the bather in and out of the bathtub, if needed
  • High-quality European hinges and durable door slides are included
  • Hardwood veneer and bamboo upgrades are available in a wide range of finishes to custom match your existing decor and cabinetry


Simply sit down n the doorway, as in a chair. Slide back as if you were getting into bed. Use the handy grab bars to help slide backwards. Your legs can slide in without any strain or bending. A little soapy water helps to slide without friction. Your legs aren’t needed to push yourself in. Slide the door shut – it seals by itself. You are now ready to fill the tub and enjoy.

If you can get in and out of bed, Aquassure tubs can work for you, even if you are in a wheelchair.

Our universal-design baths are made for the full range of mobility challenges – from those with knee issues, to those requiring assistance with a lift.

You can’t fall into an Aquassure bathtub because you are always fully supported.

Entering an ADL is as easy as sitting or transferring, sliding back, and shutting the door! Stretch out and relax.

Aquassure’s ADL Spa Slide-in Bath is a revolutionary way to bathe, allowing the bather to stretch out and enjoy a full-body soak. Without thresholds to step over and no swinging doors in the way, the easy entry and exit reduces your risk of falls and allows for a safer, more accessible bathing experience.

Bathtub Comparisons

Bathtub Comparisons


All Aquassure bathtubs include:

  • bathtub with sliding door in left or right door handling
  • cabinet base with clearance cutouts for drain and water intake lines
  • white-finished cabinet and drawer fronts, edge banded, with all hardware
  • four built-in grab bars for safety and easy movement
  • secondary drain in door track
  • 2″ drain kit with ergonomic deck-mount chrome drain control
  • Roman tub filler, lever-handled 3/4″ fixtures and hand shower in chrome

Aquassure ADL Spa Bathtubs come in two models:

  • Basic – 3/4″ deck-mounted, high-flow, chrome fixture set
  • Safety Plus – 3/4″ deck-mounted, high-flow, chrome thermostatic fixture set

Available Options include:

  • Heated 7-jet whirlpool system with massaging back, leg and foot jets and incredibly quiet operation using the Syllent water pump
  • Hygienic 15 jet air massage system with multi-speed jets and heated blower.
  • Automatic ozone disinfection system for use with water jet system
  • Upgraded cabinet base fronts in maple, oak or bamboo.
  • Chromotherapy (LED coloured light for your bathtub)

Available Accessories include:

  • Seat heater
  • Gel Seat pillow
  • Selection of bathtub pillows
  • Seatbelt and harness system
  • Ergonomic door handle extension
  • Hand Shower Wall Attachment and Water Leak Elimination Kit
  • ARJO Maxislide transfer cloth

Hydrotherapy Massage System

  • Our 7-jet hydrotherapy water jets increase the benefits of water immersion by circulating the water and providing increased stimulation to the bathers’ tissues.
  • Surface agitation helps cleanse the skin, promoting hygienic benefits
  • Stimulation of the skin and underlying tissues promotes tissue healing, circulation and nerve-tissue stimulation
  • Hydrotherapy relief from pain and stiffness restoring flexibility and wellness.
  • Rotational massage jet provide relaxing massage benefits at foot and low-back locations
  • Aquassure uses the Syllent water pump, the quietest bath pump in the world for a serene spa experience
  • The Syllent water pump heats the circulating water to maintain the hot water temperature and uses less energy than a traditional pump.
  • Electrical system is triple-insulated for safety and performance.

Heated Air-Jet Massage System

  • Gently heated bubbles massage your body and circulate the water
  • 600-Watt integrated heater blows heated air into the water, not cold air. This maintains water temperature and prevents rapid cooling of the bathwater
  • 15-jet air system is perfect for use in assisted living and long-term care homes
  • Promotes relaxation and eases tension
  • Air jets have dual-check-valves for hygienic backflow prevention.
  • Automatic purge cycle to ensure there is no moisture or contamination in the system
  • Allows trouble-free use of bath oils and additives
  • The variable-speed system can be set for vigorous stimulating bubble massage down to a calming, gentle, warm-air circulation

Ozone Disinfection System

  • Aquassure is pleased to offer a chemical-free, ozone system that sanitizes the equipment without exposing the bather to irritation chemical residues or ozone. The O3 System minimizes the risk of cross-contamination infections.
  • Ozone will eliminate all known disease-causing microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, yeasts, mould, mildew and cysts. It breaks down harmful chemical residue and dissolves minerals.
  • The system is not only safe for the environment, but is also gentle on bathtub components.
  • This system is a recommended add-on to hydrotherapy jet systems, especially in multi-bather and facility situations.


For an additional cost, we can change the height of the cabinet base, do custom door fronts, upgrade the base materials fora wet room, custom-plate your fixtures, substitute EU pump and blower, etc.

We can also do the tub without fixtures, without a cabinet base or without fronts.

Some things cannot be changed, like the shape of the tub or the size of the bathtub door.

For any proposed changes, please call our office for a custom quote and lead times.


  • Aquassure bathtubs are easy to install. The plumbing is pre-installed on the bathtub for simple install
  • The tub is shipped in a crate on a pallet with the cabinet base flat-packed inside. The cabinet base will need to be assembled using the included hardware.
  • Once unpacked, the tub can be easily carried through narrow hallways and doorways.
  • Many competitor tubs are too wide to fit through standard doorways, so installation is difficult. Aquassure tubs fit through a 25″ doorway.
  • The cabinet base provides clearance for the connection of hot and cold water lines and the drain. The tub can easily hook-up to the drain and water intake lines anywhere in the cabinet base area.
  • The bathtub can be installed in a 3-wall surround or with a deck around it.
  • Electrical connections (15A GFI)  for the water pump or air blower is needed if you purchase a jetted option or the add-on seat heater.


The ADL Spa is in compliance with these codes and standards: CSA B45.5-11./IAPMO Z124-2011-Plastic Showers and bathtubs, ASME A112.19.15-2012/CSA B45-2002-Whirlpool bathtubs with pressure-sealed doors, UPC Codes, National Plumbing Code of Canada and International Plumbing Code.

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