Frequently Asked Questions


What about my strata and insurance if I install a walk-in tub or slide-in bath?

No-one’s insurance goes up if you install an accessible bathtub or shower. Your strata’s insurance is not affected by changes within your suite. You should use an insured installer, but other than that, your existing homeowners policy should not be affected. For more information, call your insurance broker and download this document: Insurance and your Strata

What are you recommendations for cleaning?

Cleaning should be done with your preferred non-abrasive bathroom cleaner. Jetted systems should be cleaned monthly with a spa cleaner or by running jets with a tub of hot water and 2 tbsp of liquid dishwasher detergent.

How can I stop my seat and/or safety bar from being slippery?

We carry a roll on clear coat product called Step Cote that can be used on seats, safety bars, shower floors, and walk-in tub floors (not recommended for the slide-in ADL Spa) that creates a non-slip surface without damaging the integrity of the product.

Where are the products made?

The Aquassure ADL Spa bathtub is Canadian designed with Aquassure’s head office in Kelowna, British Columbia. The tubs are manufactured in Malakwa, British Columbia.

Many of the parts on the products, including the fixtures and the air jet hydrotherapy systems, are manufactured in Canada.

Plumbing fixtures and other parts for the bathtubs are purchased from US and Canada.

Are there any grants available to help offset the cost?

Yes! Depending on your province or state there is financial aid available to help offset the cost of your new bath or shower. Financial aid is dependent on eligibility. If you’re a Canadian customer, please see the Canadian Financial Aid Programs page to locate the correct program. If you’re a United States citizen, please see the United States Financial Aid Programs page to locate the correct program. As programs are always changing, we cannot guarantee accuracy at all times. Please check with the organization running the program for current updated facts and information.

How do I find out what tub or shower is right for me?

If you’re interested in a tub or shower but aren’t sure what product would fit your needs and home, we can help answer those questions for you! Simply call or e-mail and a customer representative will help assess your unique situation and provide advice on what product will benefit you the most.

How long can I expect to wait for my new tub or shower?

Turn around for most tubs and showers is 2-3 weeks assembly plus shipping time. The ADL Spa is an estimated 4 weeks lead time. Accessories such as grab bars usually have a 1-2 week order to arrival lead time, unless otherwise stated after ordering. Please inform us if your order requires a rush on it, and we’ll let you know what we are able to do.

What is the return policy?

Defective or broken parts will be replaced at no charge while under the manufacturer’s warranty and by the warranty’s terms. Orders that are canceled after ordering are subject to a 25% restocking fee. Large orders like tubs and showers may not be able to be canceled depending on where we are in the process, as they are often made to order by the manufacturer.

What if I have a problem with my tub or shower?

If your new tub or shower is not working properly, or causes concern in any way, please contact us immediately. We will work to remedy your problem to the best of our ability.


What about slippery floors?

All showers come with a slip resistant textured surface. For extra protection we have a roll on clear coat product that can provide extra resistance for the bather. This product does not void warranty or take away from the look of your shower. We do not recommend the use of rubber mats in our showers. Left in, they can damage the surface of the shower and void the warranty. Extra resistance products will help reduce slipper floor concerns, but not prevent them altogether. Please consider the use of grab bars, and shower seats for extra support.

What if I need a ramp?

All showers come with a variety of accessories and upgrades available to make your showering experience easy and comfortable. If you need a ramp, a larger seat, extra grab bars, or quality hand showers, we can help you with that. Our modular ramps are light weight and easy to install, move and clean. They also work great for sliding glass exterior doorways and floor transition areas elsewhere in the home.

How are leaks prevented on roll-in showers?

Our drains are already pre-sloped to make sure the water runs towards the drain, not the doorway. Our water-stoppers complete the system. Made of heavy gauge EPDM rubber to create a “T” shaped curb, our water stoppers compress easily under foot or wheel but immediately bounce back up to keep spills off your floors. Installation is simple with a peel and stick adhesive. Weighted shower curtains or glass doors also help to provide a barrier between water and the rest of your bathroom. The modular shower walls are also designed so that even if the silicone seams aren’t sealed, water will channel down towards the floor panel to properly drain out.

Do the showers have curtains, or doors?

Shower curtains for all widths are available for purchase, and are weighted for use with our water stoppers. The anti-static anti-bacterial vinyl material is designed for years of trouble-free use. If glass doors are your preference however, we work with local suppliers to custom match your needs. Standard threshold showers can be fitted with standard tracked glass doors or top-hung doors. We have found a way to successfully pair Barrier-free showers with sliding glass doors too. There are options for every design!

How do I install the shower?

Your new shower can be installed by you, or a contractor in your area. While we do not install the products ourselves, we can help you find a suitable contractor to meet your needs. Please see our Installation Info page for more information. We provide full technical support, guidance, videos and documentation.

How is it delivered?

Showers can be delivered to the installation location, to the contractor’s location, or our warehouse, whichever is most convenient for the customer. Showers are delivered fully crated and protected with foam.

Does it matter if my existing drain is on the left or right side?

Yes. The location of your drain is an important fact in choosing the right system for you, as it dictates the model of shower pan. End drain models are available in left or right versions but not in every size. Center drains are also available, but not in every size. Spec sheets for exact drain locations are available for every model. Note our drain locations are standardized and many homes do not have standardized drain locations. It is not uncommon to have to adjust your drain location to match the shower pan.

Will it fit in my bathroom?

Measurement is key to finding the right shower system for you. Measure the height and width of your existing shower or bath location to the studs and we can make a recommendation of which shower models will fit best.

Will it fit through my doorway?

Multi-piece showers are shipped so that each piece can be carried in easily through the door by an individual. Single unit showers may not fit through your door, and are recommended for new builds only.

How big are the showers?

Our most common showers sold are 60″ in width, though the width ranges available are 36″ to 73″ with various drain locations and thresholds. We have over 400 sizes and models of showers.

ADL Slide-in Bath

Does it matter if my water intake lines are on the left or right side?

We use your existing intake lines. There are cutouts under the tub through the cabinet base supports to provide clearances to run hoses from the water intake lines. In the Safety Plus model we provide 5? flex hoses to hook the fixtures to your existing water lines at either end of the tub. This saves time and money during installation. If you purchase a tub without a cabinet base, you will have to make allowances for drain and water intake lines when building a platform for the tub.

Does it matter if my existing drain is on the left or right side?

No, it does not matter where your drain is located under the tub. We use your existing drain lines. There are cutouts for the drain in the cabinet base so the drain can be hooked up anywhere under the tub. This simplifies installation and saves time and money.

Can I accidentally open the door?

The door locks automatically when it is slid shut and the handle must be lifted to slide the door open. As an added safety precaution, the seal puts pressure on the side of the tub when there is water in the tub. The more water there is in the bathtub, the harder it is to open the door. The pressure on the seal locks it in place. It is possible to force open the door with water in it, but unlikely that someone would do it accidentally. It would take over 50 lbs of force to overcome the pressure seal compared to 2 lbs of pressure to open the door when the tub is empty.

Will the door leak?


  • During certification the door mechanism and seal was tested for 20,000 cycles opening and closing, then filled with warm water, and did not leak. 20,000 cycles = 55 years of bathing every day.
  • The seal is made of automotive grade urethane, not silicon or surgical tubing that can break down over time.
  • The patented V-shaped seal works with the water pressure. The water pressure forces the seal against the side of the tub. More pressure=better seal.
  • There is a lifetime warranty on the seal.
  • If the door isn’t closed or water managed to get past the seal, there is a drain in the door track for added peace of mind.
  • Every Aquassure accessible bathtub is water tested for quality before it leaves the assembly plant.

How does the door work?

The door slides on a track. When the door is fully closed a pin drops down, automatically latching the door in place. To open, lift the door handle near the centre of the tub and slide the door open. This is easier from inside of the bathtub. For those who can’t reach over the side of the tub, there is an extender bar available.

The door has an internal stainless steel frame with bronze pivots and Delron wheels. The aluminum track is hard anodized for durability. The top wheel is spring loaded so the entire door can be removed to reach the access panel behind (in case of installation or maintenance).

Will it fit in my bathroom?

It should fit any standard bathtub enclosure. Aquassure tubs are a bit wider than a standard tub, so the width of current tub and location of toilet should be measured. The toilet can usually be moved over up to 4 inches to make fit using an offset flange. If your current bathtub is under 5-feet long, we may need to go into the drywall a bit at the sides or turn the studs on one side to make it fit. We offer a left or right hand door opening so in smaller bathrooms, the location of the toilet and sink often determines the door opening. Occasionally we cannot fit an Aquassure bathtub into your bathroom – for example when replacing a stand alone shower. The bathtub can be installed in a bedroom or spare room in this situation or we have a walk-in bathtub available for sale.

Over 80% of bathtubs are 5-feet (60-inches) long. Aquassure tubs can be installed in most spaces 58-inches or longer.

If you are wondering if the tub will fit through a doorway… YES IT WILL FIT! Aquassure tubs are shipped with the cabinet base flat packed inside the tub. The tub itself will fit through doorways as narrow as 24-inches when carried on its side.

How big is the tub?

Maximum Water depth is 15″, which is deeper than most tubs.
From the bottom of the tub inside to the rim is 19″
The overall height of the tub and cabinet base is 38″ to edge of the rim when installed.
The lip of the door opening is 20″ from the floor. *We can raise or lower the cabinet base by special order to accommodate people of varying sizes.

The cabinet base ships separately packed and is 16.5″ high x 60″ x 35.25″. A Safety Plus or Basic tub is 25″ wide, 60″ long on its side. They should easily fit though most doorways for installation.

The outside width of the Aquassure tub, once installed is 35.25″. The inside shoulder width is 27″ wide. Our sliding doorway has a 24″ opening. The whole tub is 60″ long (5 feet).

The tub accommodates approx. 35-40 gallons of water, so will not overflow your septic tank or require a new hot water tank.

Will it fit through my doorway?


The cabinet base is separate from the tub itself, so the tub fits through a standard doorway (25″-36″) on its side. A Safety Plus or Basic tub is 25″ high on its side by 60″ long.

Aquassure tub showing door way clearances