Now You Can Have a Stylish AND Safe Bathroom with Our Accessories

Whether you’re picking out the valve for your shower or choosing the powder coat on your new grab bar, choosing your bathroom accessories can be like finding the right piece to a puzzle. Sometimes you didn’t even know it was missing until you put it in place, and the the whole picture comes to life! At Aquassure we carry a variety of accessories for all needs. If you’re purchasing a shower we can send you away with a complete accessories pack, or piece out your new bathroom to match your walk-in tub. Our catalogue has a detailed list of what we have to offer, but here is a small summary for you to consider.

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Grab Bars

A staple choice for improving the accessibility of your home, we carry many styles of grab bars, from traditional stainless steel in many sizes, to luxury units that are more like jewelery than a safety product. We can match just about any common finish, from stainless steel to oil rubbed bronze, or make your bathroom look like an ocean wonderland with acrylic colours in shades of blue! The beauty of this is not only to provide options, but to provide options that give comfort to the end user. Not all accessibility products need to look accessible, and if a hot pink grab bar makes your bathroom feel princess ready, we have that.  Check out our blog on Great Grabz safety bars here: 

Towel BarMulti-Purpose Bars

Forget unitaskers, bring on the multi-purpose masters! Lines like Invisia have blown open what the standards for accessibility products should be. All of Invisia’s products are capable of holding up to 500 lbs, doubling as functional bathroom accessories (like towel racks, and toilet roll holders) and durable safety aids. Healthcraft has also designed products made for use in multiple rooms. Their Advantage line can be made portable with additional plates located around the house.Rendering - PT Rail Mast (White)

Toilet Rails

Few people want to talk toilets but it is an area in the house where additional support may be needed. When that time comes, we have you covered! Invisia’s Toilet Roll Holder is a stylish and discreet support system designed to hold up to 500 lbs and provide you with outside support. Healthcraft’s PT Rail can be used directly beside the toilet as a support system that can even be moved up and out of the way when not in use.

Hands-free Flush ControlsKohler Touchless Toilet available at Home Depot.

Kohler has 2 Touchless Toilets to choose from: the San Souci™ Touchless Comfort Height one piece compact and the Cimarron® Touchless Comfort Height two piece toilet. Just wave your hand over the sensor to flush. Great for reducing germs and for those that find pushing levers and buttons difficult. Kohler also has a kit that you can use to retrofit your existing toilet to make it touchless. All of these products are available at Home Depot. (note: Aquassure is not an authorized distributor of these products, we just like them a lot!)

Kohler Touchless Toilet available at Home Depot.


Soap Dish Brushed StainlessSoap Dishes

Soap Dishes don’t seem like a necessity until you’re done lathering up and there’s nowhere for the soap to go but down. We carry two different styles with options to match your different sizing and design needs. Best Bath Soap dishOur classic gelcoat fiberglass units come made to match our Best Bath product line, but would look perfect in any classic bathroom. These come in surface mount or recessed, in small and large, and can be ordered white, or in other colour options like almond to match your existing bathroom. Our Invisia line has a Soap Dish, Corner Shelf, and Shampoo Shelf, all in a combination of chrome and solid surface anti-bacterial plates that are easy to remove and clean. The Invisia product line doubles all their products as grab bars, meaning your soap dish holds up to 500 lbs. The only thing it can’t do is pass the soap!Shampoo Shelf


Tank strong! Stepless ramps by Guldmann are durable and made to last, and can hold up to many tons in weight. Made of injection molded non-toxic recyclable hard plastic, these ramps are built with a ‘waffle’ pattern to provide a light weight transport with exceptional strength. Use them inside and outside your shower, bathroom or other locations where you might need a ramp up.ramp with tank

Water Stoppers & ThresholdsWater Stopper

Waterstoppers, also sometimes known as Water Dams, are the secret to a barrier-free shower! Flexible T-shaped collapsible water stoppers move easily beneath foot or wheel and snap right back up when the pressure is released. Choose from two colours and multiple sizes (4′-10′) and cut to fit your required space. Can be used on corner showers also! Some customers have even used these in basements to protect against leaks!

Threshold_0059Semi-Permanent Thresholds are a second form of a water barrier that are part of the Lifetime Shower theory. Easily installed and removed, a semi-permanent threshold provides a traditional style lip for your shower until you’re ready to take full advantage of your barrier-free unit. The threshold uninstalls under an hour an reveals the water-stopper underneath for seamlessly converting your standard shower to a barrier-free shower (and back again, if needed).

Shower rods

Instead of pressure-fit shower rods, we have a permanently installed shower rod with bracket that is designed to hold the weight of a weighted shower curtain without falling down. They are available in standard lengths to fit any size shower. We also have corner shower rods available in both standard and custom sizes.


Our shower curtains come in a wide selection of sizes and are weighted so they work well with our water stoppers. A Heavy Duty Weighted Shower Curtain won’t blow out with shower drafts or static cling to the bather’s body. Ours are exceptionally strong with staph, mildew and fungus resistance. We have shower curtains in sizes to fit 42″-. 66″ full size showers and as well as sizes for our corner rods and walk-in bathtubs.  Curtain with rod


Caregiver specific:

For caregivers that are showering others, we have attendant shower curtains and half-height accordion caregiver shower doors available.

Glide Bars

Glide bars are used with handshowers for flexible shower use. The handshower can be adjusted up and down on the glide bar for easy seated or stand-up showering. This is ideal for those with family members of varying heights or for those with limited mobility.

Shower Seats

IPE (Brazilian Walnut)

IPE (Brazilian Walnut)

This is the best accessory you can add to your shower. Most new homes and designer renovations now include shower seats in their bathroom. Shower seats are useful for all people but do double-duty as a safety feature allowing seated showering for those with limited mobility.

Barrier Free Shower with Rainglass Sliding Doors, Custom Colour and White Padded Seat

Barrier Free Shower with Rainglass Sliding Doors, Custom Colour and White Padded Seat

Shower seats may be molded in, free-standing, with or without legs and static or fold up. They can be in almost any material, but favorites are wood or padded seats that fold up out of the way when not in use. See our shower seat blog for more information. .




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