Spotlight on Motion Specialties

Nearly thirty years ago Motion Specialties saw a need in the Canadian market for quality care and accessibility solutions. They saw a demand for a different kind of company, one that stressed not only function and form, but a conscientious attitude towards the consumer. Their success then and now, has always been the deep consideration they take for every customer that comes to their door. Every product is not just sold, but customised so that it fits the customer, instead of requiring that the customer fit the product. Their “Fit and Function Guarantee” is their way of ensuring that the customer’s needs are truly met, and their quality of life can be increased to support success and happiness.

At Aquassure we choose to work with companies that exhibit a desire for excellence in accessibility solutions and community. Motion Specialties focuses on both, working hard to supply superior quality products, educate the therapy community on their optimal use, and taking social responsibility on a global scale by partnering with Right To Play. Recently Motion Specialties’ 24 locations were acquired by Centric Health, a Canadian health company equally dedicated to the care of all Canadians. Centric Health works with their partners to provide unique and comprehensive patient care.

As partners with Aquassure Accessible Baths, Motion Specialties acts as our representative in their communities. They provide a point of contact and knowledgeable support for those customers out of reach of our headquarters. Customers can easily make purchase and installation arrangements at any supporting Motion Specialties store. Aquassure would like to welcome Motion Specialties Barrie, Calgary, Sarnia, Sault Ste. Marie, and Windsor as part of our family.

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