Shower Bay – Temporary Shower without Remodeling

shower-bayShower Bay portable showers from Forward Day are the newest product for Aquassure Accessible Baths, and we’re proud to add this unique unit to our collection. The Shower Bay offers a true shower experience without expensive home renovations or dangerous transfers in and out of regular tubs and showers. The unique design allows for quick assembly of the shower in any room of the home, bringing the shower to the bather.

Shower Bay is a barrier-free shower enclosure with a roll-in ramp that fits most shower chairs and allows the bather the dignity of a full shower once again. It connects to your closest faucet via a 35-foot hose and its unique quick-connect method. The water controls are in your hand, simply turn on the faucet, choose the right temperature, and allow the Shower Bay to wash your stress away. Water drains away through the floor into an out-hose that pumps the water into your sink or tub/shower drain.

shower bay faucet hookupOver the years we have encountered situations where an accessible shower is needed, but a full renovation is impractical, takes too long, prohibited, or is too expensive to do.

Typical situations include:

  • Renters who cannot modify their apartment or home and do not qualify for or have the buy-in of their landlord for a Home Adaptions for Independence Grant.
  • Home owners that wish to avoid or cannot afford a costly bathroom remodel and don’t qualify for government funding.
  • Temporary Use – the bather is only going to need an accessible bathing option for a short time period so a full renovation isn’t practical or cost-effective. Typical reasons include:
    • Injury Rehab Patients
    • Hospice
    • Temporary Living Situations: visiting family, temporary home displacement during a large renovation, waiting for a bed in a facility or care home,
  • Frequent travelers that cannot always find suitable accessible accommodation.

Roll-in-Pic SmallThe Shower Bay can be set up in any room of the home (den, laundry room, bedroom or garage) and assembled quickly without tools or a contractor or plumber. The water hose extends 35-feet for easy access to the nearest sink. The wheelchair ramp can be detached and folded away between shower uses and the hoses coiled up. The water comes from your home faucet through the intake hose and is pumped from the shower drain pan through the drain hose down your sink or tub drain. Plug-in is a standard North American three-prong outlet, and comes with a portable GFI.

The Shower Bay was designed with caregivers and bathers in mind, and is a portable and easy to use shower that allows the bather comfort and dignity.

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