Free Accessible Bathtub and Renovations!

originally published Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

In Canada, CMHC (Canada Mortgage and Housing) has forgivable loan financial assistance programs for homeowners and landlords to fund repairs, renovations, accessibility modifications, the creation of low-income rental units, and home adaptations. (sorry – not available in the USA)

If you meet the income and property value criteria and have a family member, renter or proposed renter with a disability that requires home adaptions for access and function, then the purchase of an accessible bathtub and your home renos may be covered!  Maximum values are based on geographic location with those in remote areas qualifying for the largest grant amount.

The process requires a bit of paperwork and a waiting period, but if your application is successful, you may end up with a FREE accessible bathtub and renovation once the loan is forgiven. To have the loan from CMHC forgiven, the disabled person will have to live in the renovated home for a period of 6 months to 5 years. The loan is prorated over that time period. If the person moves or dies before the loan is 100% forgiven, the remainder of the loan will have to be paid back, usually from the proceeds of the sale of the house.  There are not many government programs that will actually pay 100% of anything, so this is a great opportunity for homeowners to pay for needed renovations. **Be aware, you need to have funding approval BEFORE you do any work.

Aquassure has had some accessible bathtubs in Canada paid for under the CMHC RRAP for Disablities.

The 2010 funding is being released this month and won’t last, so get your applications in asap. For more information on funding your bathtub from CMHC programs go to Aquassure’s financial assistance page.

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