Focus On: Liquiguard Solid Step Cote

When you’re concerned about bathroom safety, slips and falls are often the most common accident that comes to mind. The bathroom can be a slippery zone, and all it takes is one fall to do damage. With your safety on our mind, we present a product we trust to enhance the traction of your shower, tub, grab bar or flooring, without ruining the quality of your product. Liquiguard Solid Step Cote is our choice as an easy to apply, permanent non-slip coating that can be applied to your tub or shower to turn it from slick to non-slip!

Liquiguard Solid Step Cote dries clear with no odours or fumes and is non-toxic for your family’s safety. Application is as simple as using the included roller to apply a thin, even coat to the dry, clean surface you want to treat. Step Cote will not crack, peel, or discolour, anSolid Step Cote Non-slip Shower kitd will work on porcelain, acrylic, fiberglass, cast iron, ceramic and decorative tile, plus flooring such as marble, ceramic tile, quarry tile, porcelain, wood, vinyl, laminates, composites, steel and painted or sealed concrete. Application is truly simple, and after six hours you can have a shower, with full cure after forty-eight for baths and standing water use. Cleaning is as simple as using your favourite non-abrasive cleaner and tool that you would use on other similar surfaces!

Liquiguard Solid Step Cote does not void Best Bath product warranties. The kit is available at Aquassure Accessible Baths for $53.00, and includes a 4oz bottle of Step Cote (enough to do 12 square feet), a roller for application, paint tray, and thorough instructions.

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