Hydrotherapy Bathtub

accessible hydrotherapy bathtub filled with waterWe have three main hydrotherapy configurations:

1. Aquassure Deep Soaker Bathtub with Water Jet Hydrotherapy System.

2. Aquassure Deep Soaker Bathtub with Air Jet Hydrotherapy System.

3. Aquassure Deep Soaker Bathtub with Combined Air and Water Jet Hydrotherapy System.

Heated Hydrotherapy Massage System:

The Aquassure Hydrotherapy Massage System has seven heated water jets. Four rotating and three directional jets provide stimulating circulation to the feet, legs, and back, where you need it most.

Our hydrotherapy water jets increase the benefits of water immersion by circulating the water and providing increased stimulation to the bather’s tissues. Surface agitation helps cleans the skin, promoting hygienic benefits. Stimulation of the skin and underlying tissues promotes tissue healing, circulation, and nerve-tissue stimulation.

Rotational massage jets provide relaxing massage benefits at foot and low-back locations.Syllent water pump

The Syllent™ water pump provides reliable, quiet operation while heating the circulating water and uses less energy than a traditional pump. This pump has a 10-year warranty. The electrical system is triple-insulated for safety and performance.

An optional automatic ozone disinfection system  for the hydrotherapy system provides additive-free sanitizing of the system to prevent cross-contamination from water-borne pathogens.

Heated Air-Jet Massage System:

Aquassure’s 15-jet air-massage system provides heated air circulation to the bath to further enhance its therapeutic and calming effects. Gently heated bubbles massage your body and circulate the water.

close up of air jet double-check valveThe variable-speed system can be set from a vigorous stimulating bubble massage down to calming, gentle, warm-air circulation.Air and water jets in the back area of an accessible hydrotherapy tub

Each air injector has a spring-check valve back-flow preventer, operated by air pressure. Once the pressure is released, the spring immediately returns to its initial position, rendering the jet watertight to maintain hygiene at all times. An automatic purge cycle ensures there is no moisture or contamination in the system.

Allows trouble-free use of bath oils, bath salts and additives.

Our air blower has a 300W heater to maintain water temperature when running the jet system. and is operated with an electronic touch pad.

An optional automatic ozone disinfection system for the air-jet massage system provides additive-free sanitizing of the system to prevent crosscontamination from bacteria,virus, or fungal pathogens.

Bathing and Hydrotherapy Benefits:

The mental and therapeutic benefits of bathing go beyond showering and hygiene alone.

Water immersion provides hydrostatic pressure to stimulate circulation in the arms and legs. Both blood flow and lymphatic circulation are increased, warming joints and muscles, accelerating wound healing, and preventing bedsores. Buoyancy relieves pressure on joints to promote relaxation and improve pain-free range of motion.

Aquassure designs provide spa ambience for a calming therapeutic experience that can soothe muscles and cut use of sedatives and pain medications.

Circulatory disorders related to diabetes, strokes, MS, Reynaudís syndrome, bed sores, etc, benefit from increased circulation from water immersion. These benefits can be increased by the use of massaging air jets and/or water jets.

 woman relaxing in bubble bath