Walk-in Tub with Colour Surround and Glass Doors

This installation project had us removing a deep soaker tub that was difficult to get in and out of due to the depth of the unit. It was replaced with a much more accessible Liberty Walk-in Tub. The Liberty (left hand door) was installed with an extension deck to take up the full space of the pre-existing unit, and a custom colour accented three wall surround. Clear sliding glass doors replace the traditional shower curtain, and a glide bar has been installed in an accessible spot for improved showering.

Reimer Project - Before

Before – Too Deep Soaker Tub

Project - After

After – Liberty Installed


After – View of Open Doors

Colour Codes: Dark Brown Outside Trim “RAL 8019”, Diamond Fill (Solid Surface) “Burnt Amber PS030”, Light Fill (Solid Surface) “Zion PSLC 608”