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Barrier-Free Showers | Remodeler Showers

Remodeler showers have a threshhold

Barrier-free have a low or beveled threshhold

Several different heights of barrier-free threshholds – front edge can be 90 degree angle (T) or beveled

Showers come in multi-piece (for existing construction) or one piece systems (for new construction)

Varied tile looks for walls available, some with built in soap dishes

We have corner showers (both remodeler and barrier free)

Over 400 different sizes/configurations of showers

Each shower is pre-leveled at the factory eliminating floor modifications and leveling headaches. Innovative leak-proof joints create trouble-free installations and add value with reduced construction requirements. Our composite wall full-block system with a 3/8″ plywood core enables total freedom in placement of all accessories including seats and safety bars to individual needs. Multi-piece showers are made for easy installation and clearance. Floor pans are fully backed with foam and require no mudset. The walls are installed directly on the studs.

Ceramic tiles are used in the production process to get the look of tile without the cleaning hassles and sanitation issues of grout. We also offer the unique ability to add custom colour to our tiles with accent colours. Our Grab bars, seats and other accessories can be colour matched to your interior finishes. A solid-surface granite-look is also available.

Our full line of showers are specifically engineered to professionally convert a standard bathing space into an accessible, attractive and safe bathing area.

Our system saves significant installation time and enables a quicker, more professional bathroom renovation. When your loved one needs accessible bathing, we want to solve that bathing issue quickly and also with a long-term solution.

As accessible bathing experts, we offer the training, knowledge and experience to create safe bathing solutions for people of all abilities.

Barrier-Free Showers

One way to make a bathroom safer and easier to navigate is to renovate with a barrier-free shower. Barrier-free models are showers designed with low thresholds angled .5 to 2.25 inches that enable users of limited mobility to more easily step into the shower or roll-in a wheelchair or walker over the threshold with minimal effort. Our barrier-free showers can be installed with a water-stopper system for use with a weighted shower curtain. For lifetime use, the shower can be installed with a semi-permanent threshold that is strong enough to hold a traditional glass door, but can be removed for wheel-in access for future accessibility needs and reinstalled again if you no longer need the roll-in access.

Shower Unit - exploded view

Composite Wall

Composite Wall

Composite Floor

Composite Floor

For scale diagrams of the differences between the Beveled front, and T front thresholds, as well as exact profiles, please refer to this reference PDF: Curb-Sections

Remodeller Showers

Our Remodeler showers set the standard for beauty, durability and ease of maintenance. Ideal for home bathroom remodeling projects, our multi-piece models feature structurally reinforces walls, snap join assembly and pre-leveled shower pans ensuring minimal bathroom downtime. We have corner units, small-space units and units with built in seats. Tub-shower combo units are also available, with or without transfer seats. Our remodeler shower units feature traditional threshold curbs in the 5 to 6 inch range. These can be easily fitted with glass doors or used with a standard curtain.