Five Tips to Make Your Home Safer


Making your home a safer place is an important thing to do no matter what stage of life you’re in! Here are five simple, easy tips to improve the safety of your home for now and the future.

Solid Step Cote Non-slip Shower kit
Use non-slip flooring options or add a non-slip coating like Step Cote to existing tile or vinyl floors.
Greatgrabzall2grabbarsAdd grab bars to any spot you need a point of support! Shower walls, by the toilet, rails in the hallway, and poles with grab bars beside favorite chairs and the bed are all popular options. Make sure all grab bars are fully anchored into wood. Consider ‘hidden’ grab bars, like toilet roll holders, and shampoo shelves. See our Invisia catalogue!
3betterlightinggreatgrabzglowMake sure you have good lighting and on-off switches at entrances to rooms, front porch and pathway motion lights, and consider led stairway lights. There are even glow-in-the-dark grab bars for the bathroom.
4. remove trip hazards “Now is the time to de-clutter.” Haven’t we all said it? Remove the piles of books, bags and shoes by the door, and loose throw rugs. Fix uneven thresholds and stairs. Reorganize rooms so that there are no cords or cables running across walkways or hallways.
5. consider renovatingMost people fall in the bathroom. By renovating your bathroom to have accessible fixtures: higher toilets, low threshold or roll-in showers or walk-in or slide-in tubs you will reduce your risk of falling.

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