Slide-in Bath at the 2014 Motion Specialties Rehab Expo

Aquassure Accessible Baths is pleased to be exhibiting at the Motion Specialties Annual Rehab Expo in Victoria, BC. Each year we look forward to the opportunity to reach out face to face to the area’s rehab professionals. We are showcasing the Active Living Spa Slide-in Bathtub, and discussing the virtues of the extended product lines […]

Focus On: Liquiguard Solid Step Cote

When you’re concerned about bathroom safety, slips and falls are often the most common accident that comes to mind. The bathroom can be a slippery zone, and all it takes is one fall to do damage. With your safety on our mind, we present a product we trust to enhance the traction of your shower, […]

BCIT Product Testing of ADL Spa Slide-in Baths

If you’re interested in learning a little more about the product testing our current ADL Spa slide-in baths experienced before they went on the market, click to download this PDF – BCIT’s Living Lab Biannual Report from 2008. Aquassure is listed as the 2nd highlighted project in the report!

GreatGrabz Grab Bars – Jewelry for your bathroom!

One of the most important parts of our business is the customer’s safety. All our products are tested, trialed, and studied to ensure that they will not only meet the needs of basic safety standards, but exceed them. Our grab bars are one of these products, and are the simple, universal key to a safer […]

Exciting new product customizations available for showers!

We can customize your shower to make it the perfect blend of functions, form and aesthetics! Our showers and tubs are available in standard white, biscuit, almond and bone, but they can also be done in any colour you can think of in solid-surface. From black, to pink to green – we can do it! […]

Thinking Outside the Chair in a Box – Why Aquassure Baths Stand Out.

The Aquassure bath design was  conceived in my practice as a therapist, specializing in care for seniors and disability rehabilitation. At the time, walk-in baths were not being marketing for home use in North America. My design inspiration was based on accommodating people’s mobility challenges, not forcing people to compromise. Over five years of research […]

Differences between a slide-in and walkin tub

Making safe transfers in and out of the bath is the most critical part of bathing independently. With a walk-in bathtub, the bather must stand-up and walk into the bathtub, sit down and close the door. Walk-in bathtubs may be beneficial when one is still fully able to walk or do most things independently but […]