Rane RM3 Superior Residential Walk In Bathtub


Rane RM3 Superior Residential Walk In Bathtub – 30 inches W x 50 inches L

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Rane 2021



Rane RM3 Superior Residential Walk In Bathtub

30 inches W x 50 inches L

The RM3 Superior is another way we bring all of our unmatchable experience and knowledge into the development of a Walk-in Tub for your personal home use. Because Rane was a pioneer in providing safe Walk-in Tubs to healthcare facilities, we bring all we’ve learned over thirty years to ensure “no slips, trips or falls” to your home bathing experience. Yet the exquisite design of the Superior Walk-in Tub demonstrates once again how we join safety and elegance. One of the most unique features of the Superior is its innovative door which is cut-out to swing over existing toilets. The Rane RM3 Superior is an excellent choice for people with all degrees of limited mobility and their families.

The Unique Features 

The Superior Walk-in Tub by Rane offers the shortest of all our thresholds and is small enough to easily fit most bathrooms. One of the most sought-after features is the unique 34.75-inch-wide door with the lower part cut-away so it can swing outward over an existing toilet. This helps to utilize precious floor space to the maximum. The door is available to swing out to the left or to the right depending on your floor space. Rane’s RM3 Superior is American-made in Tennessee at our family owned facility. We take the same great pride in every detail which provides the safest most accessible Walk-in Tubs available.  As with each of Rane’s Walk-in Tubs, we offer a “Best in Class” warranty, resulting in low cost ownership. The Superior offers the same Roman Mount Valve Package made from solid brass with a polished chrome finish and hand held wand that gives an elegant look.

Optional Features 

Safety, Accessibility and quality are standard on all Rane Walk-in Tubs, yet we like to add a few options to add to the enjoyment of your bathing experience. Learn more about these possible options:

CleanRane™ Air Spa System, Whirlpool System, Aromatherapy, Chromatherapy, and extra accessories.

Standard Features

                                                 Rane Roman Deck Mount Valve Package


• Roman Deck Mount Valve Package made of solid brass with a polished chrome finish that provides an elegant look to your bathroom.

• Handheld Shower Wand for hair and upper body washing.

• Beaded Chain with Rubber Drain Plug.

The Rane Bathing & Accessibility product line provides a unique combination of style, ease of use, comfort, and low cost of ownership.

  • 100% made in the USA. Manufactured in Sparta, TN from the highest quality components and materials.
  • A “Best in Class” Warranty resulting in low cost of ownership:
    • 5 years for external finishes and composite shell.
    • 3 Years on all moving and stationary parts excluding hoses and wands.
    • Lifetime warranty on the door seal.
  • Full set of Standard Features including a Roman Deck Mount Valve Package, a Handheld Shower Wand, and Beaded Chain with Rubber Drain Plug.
  • Full set of Optional Features including CleanRane™ Air Spa System, Supreme Combination Package, Brushed Nickel or Oil Rubbed Bronze Roman Deck Mount Package, Side Panels, 12” Filler Panel, 3/4” Supply Lines, Head Pillow, Gel Pillow, Gel Seat Cushion, Lap and Shoulder Harness, Chrome Shower Bar, Heated Seat, and Cable Driven Drain.
  • Nationwide Distribution and Customer Service.

Optional Features

  • CleanRane™ Air Spa System with variable speeds that enhances the therapeutic and relaxing effects of bathing for the user.
  • Brushed Nickel or Oil Rubbed Bronze Roman Deck Mount Package.
  • Whirlpool System.
  • Side Panels for both the left or right side of the tub, which is needed for freestanding or corner installations.
  • 3/4” Supply Lines constructed of stainless steel.
  • Head Pillow with suction cups for comfort and head support.
  • Gel Seat Cushion made with an ultra-soft viscoelastic polymer gel and custom designed to fit perfectly in our residential tubs.
  • Lap and Shoulder Harness for user safety.
  • Chrome Shower Bar to install shower wand on wall, which will allow stand-up showering if desired.
  • Most comfortable heated seating system available.

CleanRane Air Spa Jet System

                                                      CleanRaneTM Air Spa System


CleamRane Air Spa System bubbles







The CleanRane™ Air Spa System enhances the therapeutic and relaxing effects of bathing and provides a pleasant experience for the resident. Hydromassage provides millions of preheated air bubbles in the water which increases stimulation of peripheral blood circulation, reduces pain and inflammation in the joints, gently massages away dirt, and induces deeper relaxation. The motor is quiet, efficient, and has a ceramic heating element that blows warm air to help maintain the water temperature and warm the surface of the tub.


          Whirlpool System                                                                  

Rane Whirlpool Jets








The heated whirlpool system provides you with an invigorating deep massage to rejuvenate muscles and relieve pain through eight heated, deep massaging water jets strategically placed in your Rane bathtub. Whirlpool is part of the Supreme Package.


Rane Aromatherapy







Aromatherapy feature releases the aroma of essential oils through a diffuser on the rim of the tub into the ambient air, to enhance psychological and physical well-being. Various oils have varying properties that can lift your mood, energize you, or relax you, depending on your needs. Aromatherapy is part of the Supreme Package.


Rane Chromatherapy







Our Chromatherapy feature uses multicolored lights positioned in the tub to illuminate the water. Using colors therapeutically is said to foster harmony and well being, with each color corresponding to a unique vibration with its individual speed, wavelength and rhythm. Chromatherapy is part of the Supreme Package.

                 Filler Panel

Rane Filler Panels







A Filler Panel can be used to fill in the space between the Rane walk-in tub and the wall when replacing a standard bathtub. It also creates a handy shelf for towels or bathing supplies.

                   Side Panels

Rane Side Panels







While most walk-in tub installations are set against three walls in an alcove, Rane offers Side Panels for both the left and right end of the tub to allow for corner or freestanding installations.

                    Gel Pillow

Rane Gel Pillow







The Gel Pillow can be used as a seat, neck pillow, or back pillow. It can also be rolled and used as a knee pillow or foot stopper.

                   Gel Seat Cushion 

Rane Gel Seat Cushion







The Gel Seat Cushion, made with an ultra-soft viscoelastic polymer gel, is designed to fit perfectly in Rane walk-in bathtubs.

                    Head Pillow

Rane Head Pillow







The Head Pillow, a soft foam cushion measuring 12” x 6.5”, is held in place with suction cups for head support.

                 Chrome Shower Bar

Rane Chrome Shower Bar







Chrome Shower Bar allows the bather to shower in a walk-in or side entry bathtub.

                  Lap and Shoulder Harness

Rane Lap and Shoulder Harness







The Lap and Shoulder Harness, with shoulder straps supporting the upper body and a belt strap to hold the midsection in place, provides comfort and safety while bathing.

                    3/4″ Supply Lines

Rane 3/4" Supply Lines







Stainless steel 3/4” supply lines are available to purchase for your bathtub installation in both 3 foot and 5 foot lengths.

                  Secondary Door Lock

Rane Secondary Lock







Secondary Door Lock to prevent the accidental opening of the door when in use.

                  Door Hinge Option

Rane Door Hinge Options







Available with right of left hinge door. The plumbing package always follows the door hinge.

                  Quarry Topaz

Rane Quarry Topaz Finish Option







Color option for bathtub’s gelcoat surface.

 Brushed Nickel or Oil Rubbed Bronze

Rane Fixture Finish Options







Optional finishes for the Roman Deck Mount Valve Package.


Length: 50”  Width: 30”  Height: 40” (lowest setting)

Door Width: 34.75”

Adjustable Leveling Legs: 2” maximum

Seat Width (interior): 20”  Seat Height: 20.5”

Threshold Height: 4.5” (lowest setting)

Weight Capacity (occupant): 350 lbs / 159 kg

Water Capacity (maximum): 65 gallons / 246 L

Fill Time (75 gallons): 5 minutes, 25 seconds

Drain Time (75 gallons): 1 minute, 35 seconds

Water Supply Inlet: 3/4” diameter

Drain Size: 1.5”

Electrical Supply: 115V AC; 60Hz; 15 amp

Door Swing: Outward

Door Configuration: Right or Left Hinge

Rane RA2 Tahoe Residential Walk in TubShipping:

Note this product ships from the US. Shipping, brokerage and applicable taxes & duty are extra. Ask for a quote.

Special order:

This tub is a special order and is custom built to match your specifications. There are no cancellations or refunds after the tub has been produced. Cancellations done before production (lead times vary) will incur a 25% restocking fee. Please ensure that you are ordering the correct tub, door handing and jetted options before finalizing your order.

Rane RA2 Tahoe Walk in Top Top view

NOTE: We can help you decide which tub and options are best for your situation.
Please call our office at 1-866-404-8827 for assistance. 

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Dimensions 50 × 30 in


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